Mali immigrant Mamoudou Gassama “rescued” a dangling child

This is all over the news at the moment. There is a new spider-man in France. A Mali immigrant, Mamoudou Gassama rescued a dangling child and he will get French citizenship and job as firefighter [1].

I like how easily people get too excited. Maybe we really need a true hero in our lives (or a superhero, you name it).

The story is this. A Mali immigrant, who was illegal in France, scaled an apartment building to save a child dangling from a balcony and he will be awarded for his bravery with papers to legalize his stay and a job as a firefighter.

First of all, congratulations for his action and for the child who is rescued. This is the most important thing in this story, that a life has been saved. But if you look more carefully at the video, you may see some strange things.

For example, the child had some power, as it was dangling for some time. Thus, there is a man next to the child, who can easily reach it (at some point, he did) and he hasn’t tried to lift it like he was waiting for the Mamoudou to come and rescue it. I mean, come on, what is the weight of the child, 30 pounds? He can easily lift it, like the Mamoudou did, with only his one hand.

This child is very strong. It can hang with one hand.

I hope this to be true and not to brainwash people and propagandize, as usually happens.


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