Footage From 1987 Shows A World That Doesn’t Exist Anymore

As a kid growing up in the 80s, this decade, as well as the 90s, were the favorite times of my life.

These times were my favorites, and when a product or a movie is referring to these decades, it makes me remember the carelessness and innocence of that era, such as for example “Terminator: Genisys“, where they successfully recreated the beginning of the film “The Terminator“.

One such a video “caught” in my YouTube video feed, a video that shows a world that doesn’t exist anymore.

This video published on YouTube on 2007, but recorded on August 1987. The same guy did 2 follow up videos, one on 2007 and the other on 2014, where the differences are obvious.

In this video, we see happy people and, above all, social. People who are not misunderstood by the smallest thing and who talk comfortably with the people around them and prefer not to look at their mobile screen.

Surely people were not perfect then, but they knew how to communicate with others. That’s why games who were playing with many people, such as the hide and seek, had their honor. The world seemed to be full of energy, full of life.

Nowadays, young people are constantly growing up in their minds on Facebook and Instagram, without being interested in anything other than how to show their best selfie for a few likes. They have been connected with the whole world but have forgotten how to communicate.

Young people also appear healthier and are also lean. Even the “nerds” of the time, who were in the arcades, were most of them thin.

Today we live in an absurd world. Governments and the media have turned citizens into enemies (and zombies) where one hates the other who does not have the same view as his own.

Then the world was happy, even if it was difficult to live due to less money. Today, everything is bothering us and we have to think well before we say anything, for the fear of being called racist.

We live in an idiot and touchy world. If you were living back then, watch the video and cry about the downfall of our society. If you are young, cry for the misfortune you had to be born in such a stupid era.


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