Why Globalization is a Huge Problem

The globalization we are now living seems like a new Roman Empire.

Like any previous empire, this “empire” had its rise and now is at the end, its fall. All signs from the Western societies shows that the fall of this system is near.

The rise of the technology, the reducing of the needs of the worker’s hands, the entry of immigrants into the western societies, combined with the pervasive attitude of the multinational companies, who threat nations with the moving of their capital, if their privileges are not accepted, create an explosive situation.

The population is increasingly pressed, either in resignation (the most of them) or in radicalism (the fewer).

In this context of decay, new barbarians emerge who, with their vitality, will occasionally occupy the space the declined Western societies left.

Radical Islam will dominate the world, it is a de facto event and it is not going to change, the Western nation-states have ended.

Whenever now, the few we have left with a consciousness, we have to decide.

Either we will wait for the end like the other stupid, or we will adapt to the Darwinian standards.

Becoming the new barbarians, discarding all right and sentiment, any weakness, gaining vitality and adaptability and taking part in the collapsing “empire”.


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