Alex Jones banned from YouTube, Facebook, Spotify, and Apple

Alex Jones, America’s leading conspiracy theorist, is now facing a very big problem. Big companies have turned against him in order to forbid him to have an opinion on Social Media Networks.

The well-known journalist said that Social Media is not respecting freedom of speech and that what was done he was awaiting it.

In late July, Alex Jones banned from Facebook from 30 days because of bullying and hate speech, while received another YouTube strike — but wasn’t banned.

What exactly happened

YouTube, Facebook, Spotify and Apple announced that they have deleted and banned Alex Jones’ content.

A message posted on Jones’ YouTube channel has reported terminating for violating YouTube’s guidelines. Jones had about 2.5 million subscribers before being deleted.

“Facebook, Apple, and Spotify have completely blocked us,” Jones said in a Twitter post. “What conservative news media will be next?”

Facebook initially reported removing 4 videos on 4 Facebook pages related to Jones for violating the social networking policy of hate speech and bullying. Later, Facebook removed more content from some pages after reports he received about the material they contained.

The company underlined that it removed the pages because of the “worship of violence, violating the brutal violence policy and the use of inhumane language for the characterization of transgender, Muslim and immigrant, violating hate speech policies.”

In addition, most of Jowe’s recorded recordings from Infowars were also removed from Apple’s iTunes. An Apple spokesman said that the company “does not tolerate hate speech”.

Spotify also announced that it has removed all Infowars programs from its platform.

I don’t know if you like Alex Jones or not, if you believe him or not, but this shows to us that in the future big companies would ban free speech and with a few clicks, they can vanish anyone from the entire internet, leave him with no many options to speak.


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